Yui Tsushima (19), Kwansei Gakuen University, Japan, 4 weeks
1. I loved my time with Study Tours in Australia. My favourite part was going on excursions to various parts of Sydney.
2. I had two goals set before I came to Australia. First one was to improve my English skills as much as possible. For this, Australia was the perfect destination. My second goal was to experience homestay. I really loved my homestay. My homestay family was just amazing.
3. I’d definitely recommend Study Tours program especially if you’re after learning something new in totally new ways. You’ll certainly love your classes. The teachers were very enthusiastic, professional and caring. I’ll miss my classes.
Yejin Jeong (23), Daejeon University, South Korea, 5 weeks
1. Most definitely. I loved every moment of Study Tours program.
2. I wanted to gain confidence when speaking in English. I also wanted to learn idiomatic and native English as well. Taking this opportunity, I’d say I’ve certainly achieved my goal.
3. You’ve made a right choice to join Study Tours. Time will fly so get buckled up. Being part of this intensive program was an exceptional experience.
4. I wish I could practice English listening and speaking more.
Se Jung Kim (22), Ajou University, South Korea, 4 weeks
1. If I was to rate it, I’d give distinction to this program. I enjoyed most of the things that this program had to offer. I loved how I could learn different things through various activities in our classes.
2. My dream is to work in virtual reality (VR) industry and Australia is one of the leading countries in this sector. Also, one of the most representative VR companies in the world, Oculus, is an Australian company. So, coming here was basically stepping closer to my dream. For this, I was so interested in coming to Australia. There are VR centres in Australia and Japan, and I’ve been to the Australian one to experience VR. I’ve successfully accomplished my goal.
3. You’ve made the best choice to come to Australia. You won’t regret it. You get to enjoy countless opportunities to learn something new as well as famous landmarks in Sydney or even Australia. You will get the most out of it if you actively participate in different activities. The landmarks are just gorgeous. Your experiences will be valuable and you’ll get them in an very interesting way.
Ren Sugano (20), Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan, 4 weeks
1. Certainly enjoyed my experience here. I’ll cherish every moment in Sydney. I loved how kind my teachers were. They always tried their best to listen to us.
2. I’ve always wanted to live in an English speaking country and Study Tours was nothing but a perfect opportunity for me. I believe I made a right choice to come to Australia. I’d say I’ve only achieved half of the goal. I’m still learning English. Yet, it is improving so that’s a good sign I guess.
3. Macquarie University is a beautiful place. It has the great environment, countless facilities and most importantly, there are many students to be friends with and they’re just amazing people. You’ll also love them. So, if you come to Sydney, try to break the bubble around you.
Jin Bae Jeon (26), Konkuk University, South Korea, 4 weeks
1. I definitely enjoyed my Study Tours experience here. I loved how I had to use English during classes with classmates from other countries. My favourite part was learning other cultures and making friends with classmates from other countries. This wouldn’t have been possible if the class shared only one culture.
2. As the upcoming semester is the last university experience for me, I had to grab this opportunity. The university financially supported me and I wanted to live in overseas. I’d say I’ve achieved around 70% of my aim. I wanted to be in classes with students from other countries only but this was not possible. So, it would’ve been better if it was possible.
3. As long as you’re in Australia, I hope you make many friends and try your best look around the city. This will greatly help you as you’ll have to speak English. Having good homestay experience is important and knowing public transport from and to your homestay place is also important. I’d love to recommend Study Tours program. There are many universities in English speaking countries, and I believe Australia stays at the top of the list. The environment is lovely and it is a safe country for us. As Australia is a multicultural society, you can learn, feel and experience different cultures. For this, I’d recommend it.
Sirawath Putdivarnichapong (Jay), Bangkok University, Thailand, 2 weeks
1. Yes, the campus was my favorite part. I also loved the environment, friendly people and countless facilities on the campus.
2. Preparing for IELTS was the main reason for joining this program. Sightseeing Sydney was also a major part. I would say yes, I’ve certainly achieved my aim. Looking forward to taking IELTS!
3. They should enjoy they learn from this experience, cultural difference, environment, make yourself flexible so that you can enjoy here. And yes I’d definitely recommend this program. It’s enjoyable, fun, you get to learn more, you can improve your English, and being part of this campus is amazing.
4. I wish my program was longer than it was as it was too short. Apart from this, everything is amazing.
Hirai Shinya (19), Momoyama Gakuin University, Japan, 4 weeks
1. Of course I did! Experiencing Sydney through various excursions just amazed me. I most certainly enjoyed my time here.
2. I wanted to learn new cultures and Australia was the best destination as a multicultural society. So I just had to decide to join the program. Being in classes with friends from different cultural backgrounds definitively contributed to achieving my goal. Another goal was to improve my English skills, and I’d say my second goal was also achieved.
3. I’d definitely recommend Study Tours program. The teachers are kind and the classes are full of interesting, intensive and engaging activities. You won’t regret your choice. But, what’s important is you need prepare yourself to be engaged in various activities. The more active you are, the more you’ll get from them.
Minjae Jung, Wonkwang High School, South Korea, 4 weeks
1. Yes, I loved having classes in English and engaging with other Australian students on campus doing sports together. I also loved after class activities provided by Study Tours.
2. I’ve always wanted to develop my English speaking ability through a language study abroad, and have also wanted to come to Australia one day. Basically, I was curious. And I would say I’ve successfully achieved my goal. I can now speak in English very confidently.
3. If you’re coming here as a student, I’d recommend you to join your classes actively. Do not be afraid as there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone’s on your side so have a go at everything. I’d definitely recommend Study Tours as they provide well-structured programs with various class activities.


1. Did you enjoy your Study Tours experience at Macquarie University? If yes, what did you like the most?

2. Why did you come to this Study Tours? Was your aim achieved?

3. What would you say to students/groups who are coming to Study Tours? Would you recommend it? Why?

4. Is there anything you’d like to add?

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